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Additional Dental Resources

Dr. Dale Christensen - 727.796.1716

  • low-cost oral surgeon
  • Care Credit

Community Health Center - 727.824.8181

  • Staffed Dentists
  • Accepts most Medicaid
  • Sliding scale

Pinellas County Health Department (dental) - 727.524.4410 x 7685

  • Patients must be deemed medically needy 
  • Accepts children
  • Affordable fees for service 

University of Florida College of Dentistry - 727.394.6064

  • Full service (root canals, crowns, dentures, implants, and basic dental)
  • Performed by dental students, supervised by a licensed dentist
  • Reduced-cost dental

Johnnie Ruth Clarke Health Center - 727.821.6701

  • Accepts most Medicaid plans
  • Reduced-cost dental (sliding scale)
  • Accepts children
  • Services St. Petersburg area

St. Petersburg Free Clinic - 727.821.1200

  • Basic dental care
  • Services St. Petersburg
  • Patients must be deemed medically needy (without medical or dental insurance of any kind)

Homeless Empowerment (HEP) - 727.442.9041

  • Full service dental for facility residents ONLY