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How Do I Qualify for Services?

Patients MUST bring in all FOUR of the required documents:

  • Proof of citizenship or lawful permanent residence:
    • ​​A U.S. birth certificate OR
    • Voter's ID OR
    • U.S. Naturalization Certificate / U.S. passport OR
    • U.S. Military ID OR
    • Permanent resident alien card (I-55.1) / Foreign passport stamped 'Processed for I-55.1
  • Proof of current address: ex. utility bill, lease, official statement (no junk mail or personal letters)
  • Florida driver's license or state ID card
  • Social Security Card
  • Contact the Clinic for the next patient enrollment date.
  • ​Patients may not download or take paperwork ahead of time.
When can I come to the clinic to register myself:
Prospective CDC patients should call the facility ahead of time, and must meet the following requirements: 
What should I bring with me to register myself at the Community Dental Clinic?
  • Location (we serve Park Blvd in Largo north  to Tarpon Springs)
  • Income (we serve low-income adults (18+)
  • Insurance status (we serve the uninsured and underinsured)