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Community Dental Clinic - Patient Experience

My teeth were in terrible shame and making me sick with all the absesses. It was very hard to eat anything. But the Community Dental clinic have been a great help.                                        B. Gustin

The Community Dental Clinic is awesome. A most professional experience with a touch of TLC. They have literally changed my life and I'm smiling my way to happiness.


My experience with the CDC has been so great. I appreciate all the time they have helped me. They are great people and understand how important it is to have this dental work done. Now, thanks to them no only is my health better, but I can actually smile now and get a job!

D. Owens

I LOVE you all for the tremendous sacrifices and services Community Dental Clinic has made for myself and folks truly in need. Dental work can make a world of difference when looking for work and how you are perceived by others. These are TOP NOTCH dentists and hygenists walking the walk. God bless you all and thank you!  

T. Galaris

 [The] Community Dental Clinic is a great place. They took care of my teeth and I got the dentures I needed which made me happy and more confident to be around people. They are great people doing great things for the community.

L. Akgun