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Community Dental Clinic 

Our mission is to provide low-cost access to dental care through treatment, prevention, and education of disease to low-income individuals and families. Dental care is provided by volunteer dentists (active or retired) in our community with a clear and active dental license that have completed the sovereign immunity process.

When you volunteer with the CDC you and your work are protected through sovereign immunity, a process we can help you with. Our beautiful clinic is fully-outfitted with all the dental equipment and instruments of a regular dental office. Assistants and a full clinic staff are provided to you by the CDC, ensuring your volunteer experience is both smooth and enjoyable. Our goal is to support you; working around the hours you would like to volunteer and the non-emergent services you are willing to provide the patients.

Your CDC volunteer schedule is completely tailored to the day and time that works best for you, and we schedule patients based on the procedures you prefer. 

Think of your ideal dental day and we will make it happen - sky's the limit!

How can I start my CDC volunteer career?

If you have volunteered with us before, we hope you continue to do so. If you regularly volunteer with others we encourage you to share your time and talents with the CDC.  If you’re interested in starting your volunteer career, please consider starting it with us. The lives you can impact in just a few hours a month is remarkable.